Selected excerpts, following the nettle.

Day 7 at 50 Clark --- 3:25 PM Letter from ___; she’s suspicious that someone came through the house and opened all the kitchen cabinets, as well as moved the carpet in the dining room. Not comfortable in the new studio, feels eyes on her. Archived and scanned.

Day 9 at 50 Clark --- 10:10 AM Box marked “mantle figurines” packaged by previous tenants, small sharp cast iron nettle wrapped in paper at the bottom of the box. Sent photos to ___, no one recognizes the nettle figurine. Difficult energy. 4:45 PM Salt barriers in basement and cottage, recorder in attic at sensitivity level 8. 8:20 PM Increased activity. Movement in upper window from yard, see film roll 16A. Footsteps intermittently.

Day 14 at 50 Clark --- 3:30 AM Loud noise from middle bedroom, nettle figurine on the ground from window sill. Moving it to the original bedroom. Bed in smallest bedroom was in direct moonlight for what I believe was 3 hours of sleep.

Day 17 at 50 Clark --- 1:35 AM

Returned from photographing the cottage to the nettle figurine on the ground in the original bedroom. All upstairs doors have been shut as well. 3:16 AM Loud thud in attic. Footsteps through hall over the last half hour or so. Voice recorder is recording at sensitivity level 6 in kitchen. Moved bed to direct moonlight again.

Day 22 at 50 Clark --- 4:15 PM Attempted nettle photograph again in afternoon sunlight, pricked my finger on the stem. Strange light, anticipating high tides. Check eclipse times. 6:30 PM Left the nettle figurine in the sun room, returned from Shaws to the figurine on the stairs where we used to put our shoes on. Carpet has been kicked up at the corner, coat closet has been shut. Voice recorder on cottage stairs, recording at level 8. 

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