About Me

My name is Elizabeth McGrady and I am a 2016 graduate from Smith College. While at Smith College, I was a double major, studying math and studio art focusing in photography. 

All work displayed on this site has been created initially using film, color and b&w, with the exception of my High Rocks and Wedding collections.

I primarily work with photography, exploring and exhibiting both prints and photographic installations. My work is predominantly film, however I am well versed in digital photography and often combine film with modern technology such as 3D printing. Through these processes and techniques, I focus on the idea of reenactment and memory. My desire to recreate places, memories, and experiences fuels my photography.

I am currently both working freelance weddings and on a project involving the American west, drawing influence by photographic greats such as Robert Frank, Robert Adams, Stephen Shore, and Alec Soth.

Contact elizabeth.mcgrady@gmail.com for questions, resume, prints, etc.

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